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The Story of CX

Designed by Missio. Made by Murano.

Welcome to CX Design - the premier New York source of authentic Murano hand-blown glass lighting.

CX Design is the creation of Italian-born designer Monica Missio and British-born entrepreneur Richard Cleves. Established in 1990, it offers the only complete lighting collection individually hand-crafted by master Italian glass blowers on Murano, an island just north of Venice – the centuries old, undisputed center of the world’s most treasured glass.

The CX Design process begins in the CX Creative Lab in SoHo, New York City. Missio, who is not only a designer but also a painter and art historian, infuses the colors, shapes, and finishes of exotic Ottoman-inspired Venetian glasswork into clean, organic designs. Her extensive line is appropriate for virtually any interior be it lending intimate warmth to casual settings or elegant sophistication to grand spaces.

Drawing on her Italian family heritage, Missio has cultivated a long and personal relationship with a dedicated team of Murano artisans skilled in traditional glass blowing -- an art that is close to disappearing in today’s world.

She works in constant collaboration with these artisans, as her elegant shapes are hand-blown one at a time using exacting techniques that have produced unsurpassed quality for 800 years. So each original MIssio piece is not only exquisitely designed, but also exceptionally crafted. Indeed, an art collection in light.

Monica Missio
Monica was born in Rome, and it’s no secret that a part of her heart will never leave Italy.

From her early years, the exotic sensuality of Venice, the timeless beauty of Florence, the chic modernity of Rome made an indelible impression on her view of life and art.

Coupled with her personal ties to master Italian glass blowers, her passion led to the creation of CX Design with Richard Cleves, as the premier New York source of authentic Murano hand-blown glass lighting.

Today her line has grown from a few experimental designs into a full collection of original lighting. Her work has been chosen by leading artists, architects, and interior designers to lend a distinctive personality to affluent homes and signature public spaces from New York to Vail, CO, to Carmel, CA.
Richard Cleves

British-born Richard Cleves is a true “Rennaisance” man whose business foresight and artistic eye led him to be instrumental in the founding of CX Design, the premier New York source of authentic Murano hand-blown glass lighting.

He arrived in New York from England 20 years ago and soon met designer Monica Missio as a neighbor on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Recognizing her talent and passion for design he encouraged her to experiment with her designs in lighting. Supported by his technical expertise, in 1990 they formed CX Design.

Richard studied science at Reading University in England and applies that discipline to the business and technical aspects of CX Design. In addition, he oversees the company’s complex import activity and supervises the crew that assemble the original lighting fixtures.