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Ceiling Canopy
The part of a fixture, usually a round metal plate, that actually mounts to the ceiling or wall and covers the junction box to the fixture attaches.
A broad term for a hanging ceiling fixture that has multiple arms or lights.
Compact Flourescent
Refers to a wide range of bulbs that are energy-saving and have low environmental impact. The screw-in fluorescent bulbs are now widely available and can easily be used in most of our fixtures.
Cristallo Glass
Cristallo in Venetian glass production is transparent, uniform, absolutely colorless glass. In contrast with Nordic crystal, which has a concentration of lead oxide, Murano cristallo is a sodic-calcic glass whose principal components, aside from silica, are sodium oxide and calcium oxide.
Incandescent Bulb
Refers to the several types of bulbs, including halogen and some fluorescents. This type of light has a warm quality and is very complimentary to skin tones and is an inviting light.
Junction Box
The junction box, or electrical box is where the electrical wires are housed. The junction box is where the connection of the wires to the fixture is made and where the ceiling canopy attaches to support the light.
Milk White
“Bianco Latte” or “Lattimo” as it is called in Italian, is an opaque white milky glass, invented around 1450 on Murano.
Murano Island
a glassmaker's paradise since 1291, this tiny Venetian island just north of Venice has been the home of Venice's glassmaking industry.
Pendant or Hanging Fixture
Typically a single stem or chain extending from the ceiling canopy - usually with one light.
Scavo Glass
Translated from Italian, “Scavo” literally means “excavated”. It is a technique employed by the Murano glassblowers to give glass a subtly weathered finish, making treated objects resemble unearthed artifacts.
A fixture that is close to the ceiling or wall and does not have rods or arms leading to the sockets.
Wall Fixture
Wall lighting is designed to add a subtle ambiance to any room, and wall fixtures or sconces are usually installed in sets or pairs. Their luminescence casts a subtle pattern of light against the surrounding wall.