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1. What are the mounting options for the pendant fixtures?
There are several mounting options from which to choose. However, we do offer and supply the following “standard” single pendant options: The Scavo and Cristallo mini pendants include our standard rigid stem suspension 18" [46cm] and a 5" [13cm] ceiling canopy. The medium/large Scavo and Cristallo diffusers use our three hook mounting system and include our standard chain suspension 36" [92cm] of chain and a 5" [13cm] ceiling canopy.
2. Do all CX Design diffusers share interchangeable mounting hardware?
Many of our diffusers share the same mounting hardware but there are important distinctions. The hardware used for the Scavo and Cristallo diffusers depends on which pendant category. The medium/large diffusers use our three hook mounting system thereby making it universal within the style range. The mini pendant diffusers use a collar/screw attachment system and cannot be interchanged with the larger scale pendants.
3. What is a ceiling canopy?
A ceiling (or wall canopy) canopy is a round metal plate that is supplied with the light fixture and covers the junction box in the ceiling (or wall). The junction box is where all the electrical wires are housed.
4. What metal finishes are available for the hardware?
Antique bronze or satin nickel.
5. Can the mounting options be customized?
Yes. In most cases we can modify our hardware to suit a range of installation needs.
6. Can I use the pendant fixtures on a track system?
Yes. We can adapt our fixtures with track adapters that you provide and the OAL (overall length) of the drop that you require. This is considered customization and will incur additional charges. Please call us at 212.431.4242 in New York, toll free 888.431.4242 or email us at info@cxny.com for pricing and ordering assistance.
7. How do I determine the length of the drop of the stem or chain?
This depends on several factors: your ceiling height and where the fixture will hang, for example over a table or counter. All stem mounted fixtures are made to order. The information we need is the OAL the OVERALL LENGTH. To determine this simply measure the distance from the ceiling to where you would like the bottom of the fixture to be. We will do the math there is no need to subtract diffuser measurements.
8. Is there a recommended height above a table?
Yes. The recommended height above a table is 36".
9. Can additional hardware such as chain or rigid stem be ordered separately?
Yes. Under special circumstances.
10. Can diffusers be ordered separately?
Yes. Under special circumstances.