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Our Murano glass chandeliers add style, personality and atmosphere to your living space. Their overall effect on a room is one of stylish grandeur. Unlike traditional chandeliers we offer a wide range of custom options to suit a variety of interior settings and tastes.

3-Arm Scavo Chandelier l 3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier l 3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier ll 3-Arm Scavo Chandelier ll 3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier ll w/Center Diffuser 6-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser 4-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser
5-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser 5-Arm Scavo Chandelier w/center diffuser Raja Cristallo 20" Ring Mosque  Cristallo 20" Ring Malina  Cristallo 20" Ring Nina Cristallo 20" Ring Persia  Cristallo 20" Ring
Maya Cristallo 20" Ring Oona  Cristallo 20" Ring Sofia Cristallo 20" Ring Odalisque  Cristallo 20" Ring Tanzi Cristallo 24" Ring May Cristallo 24" Ring Boy Ray  Cristallo 24" Ring
Nina Cristallo 30" Ring Persia  Cristallo 30" Ring Tanzi Cristallo 30" Ring Raja Cristallo 30" Ring Maya Cristallo 30" Ring Boy Ray  Cristallo 30" Ring Sofia Cristallo 30" Ring
Odalisque Cristallo 30" Ring Oona  Cristallo 30" Ring May  Cristallo 30" Ring Malina  Cristallo 30" Ring Mosque Cristallo 30" Ring Nina  Cristallo Duo Tanzi   Cristallo Duo
Oona  Cristallo Duo Mosque Cristallo Duo Boy Ray  Cristallo Duo Nebula Cristallo Duo Raja Cristallo Duo Sfera Cristallo Duo Maya Cristallo Duo
Malina  Cristallo Duo Odalisque  Cristallo Duo May Cristallo Duo Persia  Cristallo Duo Fiamma Cristallo Duo Sofia Cristallo Duo Oona Cristallo Trio
Boy Ray  Cristallo Trio Nebula Cristallo Trio Raja Cristallo Trio Sfera  Cristallo Trio Malina Cristallo Trio Odalisque Cristallo Trio Maya Cristallo Trio
May Cristallo Trio Persia Cristallo Trio Fiamma  Cristallo Trio Sofia Cristallo Trio Tanzi Cristallo Trio Nina  Cristallo Trio Mosque Cristallo Trio
Persia  Scavo 20" Ring Oona Scavo 20" Ring Maya  Scavo 20" Ring Sofia  Scavo 20" Ring Odalisque  Scavo 20" Ring Nina  Scavo 20" Ring Raja  Scavo 20" Ring
Malina  Scavo 20" Ring Mosque  Scavo 20" Ring May  Scavo 24" Ring Tanzi  Scavo 24" Ring Boy Ray Scavo 24" Ring Sfera  Scavo 30" Ring Persia  Scavo 30" Ring
Maya  Scavo 30" Ring Oona  Scavo 30" Ring Malina  Scavo 30" Ring Fiamma  Scavo 30" Ring Boy Ray Scavo 30" Ring Odalisque Scavo 30" Ring Sofia  Scavo 30" Ring
Nina  Scavo 30" Ring Raja  Scavo 30" Ring Mosque  Scavo 30" Ring Tanzi  Scavo 30" Ring May  Scavo 30" Ring Sofia  Scavo Duo Oona  Scavo Duo
Boy Ray Scavo Duo Persia  Scavo Duo Nina  Scavo Duo Maya  Scavo Duo Mosque Scavo Duo Raja  Scavo Duo Malina  Scavo Duo
Tanzi  Scavo Duo May  Scavo Duo Odalisque  Scavo Duo Sfera  Scavo Duo Fiamma Scavo Duo Nina  Scavo Trio Maya  Scavo Trio
Fiamma  Scavo Trio Boy Ray  Scavo Trio Oona  Scavo Trio Mosque  Scavo Trio Malina   Scavo Trio May  Scavo Trio Odalisque  Scavo Trio
Tanzi  Scavo Trio Sfera Scavo Trio Raja  Scavo Trio Sofia  Scavo Trio Persia Scavo Trio