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single pendants
Our Murano glass lighting collection offers a range of pendant styles to fit a variety of interior design needs. Our Scavo and Cristallo diffuser shapes evoke an exotic elegance with a contemporary sensibility which cleverly bridges past and present. Our Milk White Glass pendants are decidedly clean and modern. And because each Venetian glass diffuser is hand-blown, you're guaranteed never to see another just like it.
3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier l 3-Arm Scavo Chandelier l 3-Arm Scavo Chandelier ll 3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier ll 3-Arm Cristallo Chandelier ll w/Center Diffuser 5-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser 5-Arm Scavo Chandelier w/center diffuser
6-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser 4-Arm Cristallo Chandelier w/Center Diffuser Aqua Sprite  Clear Medusa Sprite  Clear Aqua Sprite  Crackled Medusa Sprite  Crackled Sofia Cristallo
Raja Cristallo Oona  Cristallo Odalisque  Cristallo Nina  Cristallo Malina Cristallo Safina Cristallo Persia Cristallo
Spada I Cristallo Nebula Cristallo Tasha  Cristallo Maya Cristallo Mosque Cristallo Raja Cristallo 20" Ring Oona  Cristallo 20" Ring
Mosque  Cristallo 20" Ring Malina  Cristallo 20" Ring Nina Cristallo 20" Ring Persia  Cristallo 20" Ring Maya Cristallo 20" Ring Sofia Cristallo 20" Ring Odalisque  Cristallo 20" Ring
Boy Ray  Cristallo 24" Ring Tanzi Cristallo 24" Ring May Cristallo 24" Ring Nina Cristallo 30" Ring Tanzi Cristallo 30" Ring Persia  Cristallo 30" Ring Malina  Cristallo 30" Ring
Raja Cristallo 30" Ring Boy Ray  Cristallo 30" Ring Maya Cristallo 30" Ring Sofia Cristallo 30" Ring Odalisque Cristallo 30" Ring May  Cristallo 30" Ring Oona  Cristallo 30" Ring
Mosque Cristallo 30" Ring Malina  Cristallo Curl Maya Cristallo Curl May Cristallo Curl Raja Cristallo Curl Mosque Cristallo Curl Oona Cristallo Curl
Fiamma Cristallo Curl Tanzi Cristallo Curl Nina  Cristallo Curl Boy Ray  Cristallo Curl Sfera  Cristallo Curl Odalisque  Cristallo Curl Mosque Cristallo Duo
Oona  Cristallo Duo Fiamma Cristallo Duo Boy Ray  Cristallo Duo Sofia Cristallo Duo Nina  Cristallo Duo May Cristallo Duo Persia  Cristallo Duo
Malina  Cristallo Duo Nebula Cristallo Duo Odalisque  Cristallo Duo Sfera Cristallo Duo Maya Cristallo Duo Tanzi   Cristallo Duo Raja Cristallo Duo
Boy Ray  Cristallo Mini Raj Cristallo Mini Sfera  Cristallo Mini Tanzi Cristallo Mini Fiamma Cristallo Mini Luna Cristallo Mini May Cristallo Mini
Gemma Cristallo Mini Luna Cristallo Semi-Flush Gemma Cristallo Semi-Flush Raj Cristallo Semi-Flush May Cristallo Semi-Flush Boy Ray Cristallo Semi-Flush Tanzi  Cristallo Semi-Flush
Mosque Cristallo Shallow-Drop Oona Cristallo Shallow-Drop Odalisque Cristallo Shallow-Drop Raja Cristallo Shallow-Drop Safina Cristallo Shallow-Drop Maya Cristallo Shallow-Drop Nina Cristallo Shallow-Drop
Malina Cristallo Shallow-Drop Sofia Cristallo Shallow-Drop Nebula Cristallo Shallow-Drop Persia  Cristallo Shallow-Drop Fiamma  Cristallo Trio Boy Ray  Cristallo Trio Maya Cristallo Trio
Sofia Cristallo Trio Nina  Cristallo Trio May Cristallo Trio Persia Cristallo Trio Malina Cristallo Trio Nebula Cristallo Trio Odalisque Cristallo Trio
Sfera  Cristallo Trio Tanzi Cristallo Trio Raja Cristallo Trio Oona Cristallo Trio Mosque Cristallo Trio Oona  Cristallo Wall-Arm Malina Cristallo Wall-Arm
Nebula Cristallo Wall-Arm Maya Cristallo Wall-Arm Odalisque  Cristallo Wall-Arm Nina  Cristallo Wall-Arm Sofia Cristallo Wall-Arm Raja Cristallo Wall-Arm Persia  Cristallo Wall-Arm
Mosque Cristallo Wall-Arm Sis Pendant Persia  Scavo Mosque Scavo Raja Scavo Spada II Scavo Odalisque Scavo
Oona Scavo Spada I Scavo Maya Scavo Sofia Scavo Nebula Scavo Malina Scavo Tasha Scavo
Nina Scavo Nina  Scavo 20" Ring Mosque  Scavo 20" Ring Malina  Scavo 20" Ring Odalisque  Scavo 20" Ring Raja  Scavo 20" Ring Persia  Scavo 20" Ring
Sofia  Scavo 20" Ring Oona Scavo 20" Ring Maya  Scavo 20" Ring Tanzi  Scavo 24" Ring Boy Ray Scavo 24" Ring May  Scavo 24" Ring Nina  Scavo 30" Ring
Raja  Scavo 30" Ring Mosque  Scavo 30" Ring Boy Ray Scavo 30" Ring Sfera  Scavo 30" Ring Persia  Scavo 30" Ring Maya  Scavo 30" Ring May  Scavo 30" Ring
Oona  Scavo 30" Ring Malina  Scavo 30" Ring Fiamma  Scavo 30" Ring Tanzi  Scavo 30" Ring Odalisque Scavo 30" Ring Sofia  Scavo 30" Ring Boy Ray Scavo Curl
Maya Scavo Curl Malina Scavo Curl Nina Scavo Curl May Scavo Curl Odalisque Scavo Curl Tanzi Scavo Curl Mosque Scavo Curl
Oona Scavo Curl Raja Scavo Curl Sfera  Scavo Duo Odalisque  Scavo Duo Sofia  Scavo Duo Raja  Scavo Duo May  Scavo Duo
Persia  Scavo Duo Maya  Scavo Duo Mosque Scavo Duo Tanzi  Scavo Duo Fiamma Scavo Duo Oona  Scavo Duo Boy Ray Scavo Duo
Malina  Scavo Duo Nina  Scavo Duo Fiamma Scavo Mini Boy Ray  Scavo Mini Tanzi  Scavo Mini Sfera  Scavo Mini May  Scavo Mini
Sofia  Scavo Trio Odalisque  Scavo Trio Boy Ray  Scavo Trio May  Scavo Trio Persia Scavo Trio Mosque  Scavo Trio Tanzi  Scavo Trio
Fiamma  Scavo Trio Oona  Scavo Trio Malina   Scavo Trio Maya  Scavo Trio Nina  Scavo Trio Raja  Scavo Trio Sfera Scavo Trio
Odalisque  Scavo Wall-Arm Oona  Scavo Wall-Arm Sofia  Scavo Wall-Arm Nebula  Scavo Wall-Arm Maya  Scavo Wall-Arm Malina   Scavo Wall-Arm Nina  Scavo Wall-Arm
Persia  Scavo Wall-Arm Mosque  Scavo Wall-Arm Raja  Scavo Wall-Arm Ant  Table Lamp Remo  Table Lamp Pengu  Table Lamp Mina  Table Lamp
Luma  Table Lamp Romolo Table Lamp