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“Scavo” means “excavated” in Italian. Our Scavo glass pendant lights and chandeliers have a subtly weathered finish, making them resemble unearthed artifacts. We offer a palette of eight warm and cool colors that beautifully enhance any interior setting. Scavo glass lighting is especially flattering when illuminated.

3-Arm Scavo Chandelier l 3-Arm Scavo Chandelier ll 5-Arm Scavo Chandelier w/center diffuser Boy Ray Scavo 24" Ring Boy Ray Scavo 30" Ring Boy Ray Scavo Curl Boy Ray Scavo Duo
Boy Ray  Scavo Mini Boy Ray  Scavo Trio Fiamma  Scavo 20" Ring Fiamma  Scavo 30" Ring Fiamma Scavo Duo Fiamma Scavo Mini Fiamma  Scavo Trio
Malina Scavo Malina  Scavo 20" Ring Malina Scavo 24" Ring Malina  Scavo 30" Ring Malina Scavo Curl Malina  Scavo Duo Malina   Scavo Trio
Malina   Scavo Wall-Arm May  Scavo 24" Ring May  Scavo 30" Ring May Scavo Curl May  Scavo Mini May  ScavoDuo May  ScavoTrio
Maya Scavo Maya  Scavo 20" Ring Maya Scavo 24" Ring Maya  Scavo 30" Ring Maya Scavo Curl Maya  Scavo Duo Maya  Scavo Trio
Maya  Scavo Wall-Arm Mosque Scavo Mosque  Scavo 20" Ring Mosque Scavo 24" Ring Mosque  Scavo 30" Ring Mosque Scavo Curl Mosque Scavo Duo
Mosque  Scavo Trio Mosque  Scavo Wall-Arm Nebula Scavo Nebula  Scavo Wall-Arm Nina Scavo Nina  Scavo 20" Ring Nina Scavo 24" Ring
Nina  Scavo 30" Ring Nina Scavo Curl Nina  Scavo Duo Nina  Scavo Trio Nina  Scavo Wall-Arm Odalisque Scavo Odalisque  Scavo 20" Ring
Odalisque Scavo 24" Ring Odalisque Scavo 30" Ring Odalisque Scavo Curl Odalisque  Scavo Duo Odalisque  Scavo Trio Odalisque  Scavo Wall-Arm Oona Scavo
Oona Scavo 20" Ring Oona Scavo 24" Ring Oona  Scavo 30" Ring Oona Scavo Curl Oona  Scavo Duo Oona  Scavo Trio Oona  Scavo Wall-Arm
Persia  Scavo Persia  Scavo 20" Ring Persia  Scavo 24" Ring Persia  Scavo 30" Ring Persia  Scavo Duo Persia Scavo Trio Persia  Scavo Wall-Arm
Raja Scavo Raja  Scavo 20" Ring Raja Scavo 24" Ring Raja  Scavo 30" Ring Raja Scavo Curl Raja  Scavo Duo Raja  Scavo Trio
Raja  Scavo Wall-Arm Sfera  Scavo 20" Ring Sfera  Scavo 30" Ring Sfera  Scavo Duo Sfera  Scavo Mini Sfera Scavo Trio Sofia Scavo
Sofia  Scavo 20" Ring Sofia Scavo 24" Ring Sofia  Scavo 30" Ring Sofia  Scavo Duo Sofia  Scavo Trio Sofia  Scavo Wall-Arm Spada I Scavo
Spada II Scavo Tanzi  Scavo 24" Ring Tanzi  Scavo 30" Ring Tanzi Scavo Curl Tanzi  Scavo Duo Tanzi  Scavo Mini Tanzi  Scavo Trio
Tasha Scavo Tasha  Scavo Wall-Arm